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F1-Visa Covering Letter

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NOTE: Replace coloured-text with your own details

Mar 91

Topped your-school-name Public School in XIIth grade (your-score %)

Jun 94

Gold Medalist at any-extra-course-you've-taken (like NIIT) Course

May 95

Topped B.E. at your-college-name (your-score % overall)

Mar 97

Top 20% of MBA at your-college-name

May 97

Job-Title at company_name with salary of Rs. your-salary p.a.

Oct 98

Applied to top US universities for course in your-course

Nov 98

Took GRE. Scores: Verbal: xxx Quant: xxx Anal: xxx

Feb 99

Took TOEFL. Scores: xxx

Apr 99

Received admission offer from first-univ, second-univ and third-univ

May 99

Chose first-univ: US News Rank: check-and-fill-here

Financial Documentation: My parents have...

... property worth Rs. xxxx

... businesses worth Rs. xxxx

... bank accounts worth Rs. xxxx

... and I am their only son and heir.


Statement of Purpose

Why MS:

My professional objective is to your-objective-here. Sample: This demands intensive study. It requires a strong technical education with relevant courses, superior infrastructural support, abundant industry interaction, copious networking opportunities and hands on in-depth research. It requires a specialised professional graduate degree from a top ranking university.

Why Carnegie Mellon:

Sample: CMU is a top ranking university with excellent faculty and research contacts. It excels in its Networking and Entrepreneurship courses and research - both of which I am interested in. The Masters in Information Networking at CMU is "the only program that integrates the disciplines of computer science, electrical and computer engineering, and business and policy studies". It's unique strength is the combination of solid technical foundation with managerial concepts to the strategic use of information.

Why Now:

Your-reason-for-going-now (required for those going after a break in studies)

Why I shall return to India:


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Last Updated July 10, 1999