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The F1 Visa Process

This section seeks to help students going from India to the US for further studies with visa related queries.

You will find below links to some documents I have prepared,
alongwith descriptions of each document.
Click on the document name to see it.


Tips on F1 Visa

This document, extracted from USEFI Mumbai & Delhi presentations,
contains facts about visas, tips on how to increase
your chances of success and Financial Documentation.


F1 Visa covering Letter

This document contains the covering letter you should use alongwith
your visa application. It contains a sample of the kinds of details
you might want to give in such a letter.


CA Covering Letter

This document contains the covering letter that you should submit
alongwith your financial information. You should ask a Chartered Accountant
to prepare this letter for you. This is especially important for
self-financed applicants.


Visa Document Docket

This document contains an exhaustive list of all documents you should carry
with you to virtually ensure that you get a visa.


Visa Procedure

This is a tour of the Delhi US Embassy based upon my experience.
It describes the various steps required to get a visa
(alongwith shortcuts at each step)
and is a useful document for first time applicants.


Other links

This is a list of links to visa related websites.

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