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Visa Document Requirements Index

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This document contains a description of the exhaustive list of documents provided to support the F-1 visa application of your-name.

Scholastic Preparation

Admission Process

Evidence of Knowledge of English Language

Pg 1: TOEFL Scores

Research of Universities

Pg 2: Web pages of Universities shortlisted

Pg 3: your-college US News Rating

Pg 4: your-college Faculty Web pages

Pg 5: your-college Faculty Correspondence

Evidence of Acceptance by American Institution of Learning

Pg 6: college1 (I-20AB Form + Offer Letter)

Pg 7: college2 (Offer Letter)

Pg 8: college3 (Scholarship & Offer Letter)

Relevance of Course

Proof of Educational Background

Pg 9: degree 1

Pg 10: degree2

Pg 11: School XII Board Results

Pg 12: GRE Scores

Proof of Work Experience

Pg 13: company-name Appointment Letter

Course Description

Pg 14: your-course-name description

 Future Plans


Pg 15: Indian IT Industry Statistics

GSIA programs Entrepreneurship focus

Pg 16: Research Center at CMU: Donald H Jones Center for Entrepreneurship

Pg 17: Entrepreneurship program: Courses and Contact with Entrepreneurs

Pg 18: Entrepreneurship courses: List of courses

Pg 19: Top 10 Net Based Business Ideas

Pg 20: CMU Statement Of Purpose

Binding Ties


Pg 21: Covering Letter by Chartered Accountant

Proof of Ownership

Pg 22: property1 Ownership Deed

Pg 23: property2 Ownership Deed

Pg 24: property3 Ownership Deed

Pg 25: property4 Ownership Deed


Business-1 name

Pg 26: Partnership Deed

Pg 27: Balance Sheet

Business-2 name

Pg 28: Partnership Deed

Pg 29: Balance Sheet

Business-3 name

Pg 30: Partnership Deed

Pg 31: Balance Sheet

Financial Resources

Bank Statement

Pg 32: Sponsor1-name: May 99, Jun 99

Pg 33: Sponsor2-name: May 99, Jun 99

Affidavit of Support

Pg 34: Sponsor1-name (relation-to-student)

Pg 35: Sponsor2-name (relation-to-student)

Pg 36: Compelling Reasons for sponsor2 to sponsor my education (needed if sponsor2 not parent)



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Last Updated July 10, 1999