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Format used for keeping track of colleges

Once you have shortlisted your colleges, you need to have a lot of information about them for filling out your application form. You can tabulate that info like this (the first column is filled as a reference):

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College / University

Purdue University

College 2

College 3

College 4

College 5


Electrical & Computer Engg






Master of Science in Engineering





Application Deadline

Mar 1





Fin Aid Deadline

Jan 15






1. CGPA > 3.5

2. GRE Q 760, A 670 V 550

3. Subject GRE > 730

4. TOEFL > 600





Fin Aid

Fellowship: PhD given preference, RA/TA available


No Aid



Fees + Living Expenses

$ 35,000 p.a.


$ 50,000



Application Fees

$ 30


$ 75



In Favour of...

"Regents of Purdue University"


Boston University



 Electronic Application






Key Faculty Email





 Student Contact Email






2: professors
1: employer

3: anyone

2: prefer professor



GRE & TEOFL Institution/Dept Code

Insti Code: 1631
Dept Code: 1203





Evidence of Financial Support






SOP / Resume

SOP: Yes
Resume: No





Admission email





Lines from Brochure: Can be used in Statement Of Purpose

"Our grad prog develops an indepth understanding of scientific & math basis of critical technology"





Other Conditions

TWE required for TA

2 copies of college Transcripts required






 NOTE: Number of shortlisted colleges can be higher than 5. Usually 7-10.

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Last Updated June 26, 1999