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Applying to US Universities

While Suvir Bhatia was applying for Graduate study in the US, he used the Net very extensively. Collating the knowledge he gained from the process, he has attempted to make a website for Indian students going to the US for graduate & Post Graduate study.

These pages contain the following information:

  • A Timeline to help you plan the timing of your admission process
  • Help on Shortlisting universities
  • Information about Financial Aid and International Student Loans
  • Hints on taking Exams like GRE & GMAT for graduate courses
  • Guidance on preparing your Application Packet
  • Loads of information on preparing for your F1 Visa, including a guided tour of the Delhi Embassy
  • Useful Pre departure Tips like how to take money to the US, how to arrange housing there etc.
  • Links to very useful websites

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The Net contains lots of information for students who are planning to apply to the US. He has not attempted to repeat any of that information, but has instead provided relevant links wherever necessary. So, be sure to visit all the links on all the pages on this site.

Now go ahead, click on a pair of feet above and start your journey...