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Fin Aid & Loans

Financial aid is available from the university in the form of assistanceships, fellowships and scholarships. The univ itself will be in a better position to give you details about this. For those unfortunate few who do not get any aid (like me), all is not lost. There are many organizations outside of the college that provide aid. See the Finaid website ( and the NAFSA Association of International Educators website ( for more details about them.

In case you are interested in a student loan, contrary to popular belief, they are available for International Students. The interest rates and payment plans offered by US lending banks are quite attractive (much more attractive than a normal loan in India). The catch is that they want a US based co-signer (citizen or permanent resident). For more details, visit TERI ( and EstudentLoan ( for more information. Or download a zip file of TERI, Educaid and other loan details that I created by visiting their websites.

Also, if you want loans in India, then some nationalized banks provide study loans too. Canara Bank is one that I know of. They want some collateral (like property) for the loan, and can offer up to Rs. 10 Lakhs.

To see details of the Fin Support Seminar at USEFI,
click here.



Last Updated July 1, 1999