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Academic Record Covering Letter

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Date: Oct 17, 1998


The Admission Committee,

Department of your-dept-name-here,


your-state, USA.

 I am a prospective student for a Master of Science degree in EE from the Dept of your-dept-here at your-univ. According to the college website, an academic record is required as part of the application packet.

 After senior secondary school, I have completed (a) a Bachelors degree in Engineering (Electronics & Communications), (b) a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, (c) an Advanced System Management (ASM) diploma and (d) an elementary computer certificate course.

 I am therefore including two copies of the BE (Electronics & Communications) course booklet, certified by the designated authority of the university. These copies include the courses offered, entire course description, credits per course, hours per course and electives offered per semester.

An attested true copy of the consolidated mark sheet is included. It contains the following information for the undergraduate degree & graduate diploma : courses per semester, credits scored per semester, marks per course and overall performance at the end of four years of undergraduate study or two years of graduate study.

Besides this, the transcripts of each term are also included for the undergraduate degree and the ASM diploma; attested true copies, sealed by the designated authority. These contain the courses & electives taken per semester, dates of the semester, titles of courses, exams marks received and credits earned.

 Finally, an attested true copy of the undergraduate degree received and the graduate diploma received is included in the same envelope as the transcripts. The mark sheets for secondary and senior secondary school, and the certificate for the elementary computer course are present separately.

 I hope this satisfies the requirements of the academic record. For a complete list of documents included, please refer to the application packet checklist.

 With Regards,

Your-name (your-email)


Ph: +(91)(11) your-phone

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Last Updated June 26, 1999